About "Mr. Eli"

“Mr. Eli”

Roasted, shelled, salted, souped…peanuts are a staple of the Commonwealth and around the nation. Suffolk and Western Tidewater is peanut country, an area full of farmland and history…including the history of African American peanut farmers. Their story is one of resilience, hard work, disappointment and triumph. This is the story of two Black peanut farmers – Clif Slade and Elisha Barnes (known as “Mr.Eli”) – generational farmers who have found a way to adapt despite changes to peanut farming and farming in general (ie sweet potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn, apples, collard-greens, cabbage, green beans & peas.)  “Mr. Eli” also travels across 4 states MD, VA, NC, SC taking his mobile farmer’s market to events and cooking his amazing turkey legs, fried chicken, fried fish and french fries. If you’ve ever eaten his cooking, you’ll not soon forget will pray he’s at your next event! 


Pop Son Farms
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Franklin, VA 23851

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